Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister Added to List...
I can say this is one artist in the collection that I actually own, even if it is just a t-shirt...
Lister, born in Brisbane, currently lives and works in Brooklyn. I have to admit to having a little artist envy here. Dude, lives a blessed life, and aesthetically his work tops my list. His older works are compilations of pop icons engaged in a clustered
heap of decadence. Newer work presents a series of super heros whos chiseled bodies are abstractly rendered, disproportionate, and disjunctive. Listers is able to work figuratively while utilizing a very loose but calculated painting style. Expressionistic yet graphic, like BAsquiat and Marvel Comics had a baby. Superheros are representations of power and invincability, the personification of hope. Listers work actively tries to dispell that belief, particularly in the performance/installation pieces. It is here where the hero's are utilized in literal depictions of defeat, despiration, and hopelessness. In between the times I was working on this post, I came across this video. So, basically I'm just ready to publish it and move on already....This just reinforces my appreciation for this dude.

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nf said...

good stuff Drew, hate to communicate with you this way, but since were all bloggers and shit, I thought I'd pass this onto you
check it out, they're my boys in NYC. The copy on the site is a little cheese, however the idea that you will be able to present your art digitally is pretty cool. This gives you real freedom compared to the normal source book 8x11 white page bs. And the best part of course, I'll be your agent and get you some looks for the bargin price of bagel... holla and well talk